Mustang Masala
Mustang Masala

Mustang Masala

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Beyond the giants of the Annapurna mountains lies the forbidden kingdom of Mustang home to ancient monasteries and one of the oldest spice routes known. Stop at any nomad camp or traveller's inn on the ancient trade route that crosses the windswept high passes of Mustang and you will be offered a rare and unique spice blend that brings a citrusy heat to both savoury and sweet dishes.

  • rare spices are the base of our blend guaranteeing unique flavours

  • big flavours, a small amount goes a long way, economical to use for the thrifty cook 


Turkey 'Sadeko' salad

Pork belly shekuwa

Easy everyday chutney


Sold in 40 gram packets 

Ingredients. timur, chilli, long pepper, cassia, star anise

Shipment by post or in person at Yak Yeti Yak