About Us

Welcome to Yak Yeti Yak.

Like everyone else this has all come as a shock to us, after 16 years of continuous trading we have closed our restaurant in Bath city centre to the public.

Closed but not gone, here is where we start our fight back.  We're aiming to build an online community, selling ready meals to our local Bath area, ingredients to the uk and building a library of recipes.

This is our online virtual restaurant where you can order and pay for ready meals deliveries to the Bath area. The food we deliver is freshly cooked and chilled for you to finish at home. 

We're offering you 2 types of meals, ready meals - that just require you to reheat and finish at home or meal kits - that have all the ingredients ready prepared and spiced so you can cook them at home following a few simple instructions.

Since you can't meet with friends why not order food and cook your food at the same time while video messaging, we'd love you to share some photos with us.  Let's all stay in touch.

Sarah, Sera and family Yak.